OT: CentOS 6.9 Linux: "bug" image appearing on Software Update window!
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'\'Fish\' (David B. Trout)' david.b.trout@gmail.com [hercules-390]
2018-05-16 05:18:14 UTC

Question for Linux geeks: why does a star/emblem icon sometimes appear with "bug" overlaid on it?

Here are some screen grabs I've uploaded to imgbb.com:


I've seen this happen before in the past (it doesn't happen very often but it *does* occasionally happen) and each time I'm perplexed as to why it happens.

What does it mean?

I've tried googling and googling but I can't seem to find any information on this (probably because the search term "bug" is causing too many unrelated hits to appear in my search results).

It's no big deal (at least I don't think it is!) but it, er, "bugs me" (pun intended) whenever I see it because I don't know what it means! (if anything)

Is it an Easter Egg? What the heck is it?

Help! :)
"Fish" (David B. Trout)
Software Development Laboratories
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jacob@mvsdasd.org [hercules-390]
2018-05-16 13:47:03 UTC
I assume that packages with the "bug" overlay are actual bug fixes, while the others are upgrades
R P Herrold herrold@owlriver.com [hercules-390]
2018-05-16 14:59:25 UTC
Post by '\'Fish\' (David B. Trout)' ***@gmail.com [hercules-390]
Question for Linux geeks: why does a star/emblem icon
sometimes appear with "bug" overlaid on it?
well, for Gnome followers, anyway. There has been an ongoing
squabble with uniformly getting 'severity' or CVE indications
into Changelog data, as it is inherently free-form, the work
done by volunteers, and committers are 'touchy' about others
implicitly criticizing the work provided with later editorial


The openvpn update related to fixing a bad assumption
exposed by an edge case on the NetworkManager tool

If the notifications distract, just run updates and be done
with it. If you wish to cut them out entirely, remove the
rpm -e gnome-software

There are a zillion possible settings under the hood in the
Gnome Desktop environment. View them:
gsettings list-schemas

The notifications may enabled / disabled one off by user with:
gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.updates \
active false

If you find the documentation deficient (I assume you
'hovered' and did not get a tool tip, or read the Help doco)
please file a bug either at gnome.org or in Red Hat's tracker

The lead on that tool, Richard Hughes, is usually pretty
thoughtful and responsive

-- Russ herrold

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