** ANNOUNCEMENT ** New SDL Hyperion 9226 Windows pre-built
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'\'Fish\' (David B. Trout)' david.b.trout@gmail.com [hercules-390]
2018-05-13 22:00:11 UTC
Software Development Laboratories is pleased to announce the availability of a new pre-built version of SDL Hyperion 4.0 for Windows -- Hercules-4.0.0..9226-SDL-gbb5fa8a5 -- now available for download at:


Important changes

. Fix HERC_370_EXTENSION facility 'BRC' (Branch relative on condition) instructions bug (Ivan Warren)
. Fix Linux 'sh' shell command output not being shown reported by Giuseppe Vitillaro
. Fix incorrect MAINSIZE handling bug reported by somitcw
. ARCHLVL now always does cpu reset (ctl regs)
. Fix SIE WaitState Assist reported by Ivan Warren
. Silence GCC printf warning regarding __uint128_t on Linux
. Point "build from source" link to VS2017 page.
. Fix Microsoft insanity so VS2017 should build Herc OK now
. Remove mention of ALS, clarify main storage size rules.
. Mention External Packages more prominently in the build instructions
. Fix potential Windows QETH Layer 2 crash at device close
. ipaddr/netmask no longer required for Linux
. QETH zLinux layer 3 support (Ian Shorter)
. QETH tidy-up IPA CMD tracing (Ian Shorter)
. QETH make enabled assists protocol dependant (Ian Shorter)
. Doc updates: ARCHLVL/FACILITY cmd/stmt, FAQ Facilities
. 'long' opt for fac query ena/dis + cosmetic
. New facility query option: enabled/disabled.
. Fix ESA/390 facility bits 3, 7, 18, 19, 24 and 52 (Thank you, Ivan!)
. Fix Windows runtest.cmd script return-code bug
. Fix for sporadic runtest failures when running all tests
. Improve performance of "rotate" instructions (Ivan Warren)
. Add 1403.tst to project files
. 1403 printer Load UCS test
. Fix 1403 printer Load UCS bug

Thank you and enjoy your personal mainframe! :)
"Fish" (David B. Trout)
Software Development Laboratories
mail: ***@softdevlabs.com