RE: instcount behavior (RESOLVED)
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'\'Fish\' (David B. Trout)' david.b.trout@gmail.com [hercules-390]
2018-06-11 14:30:49 UTC
Fish wrote:

|| (prev_instcount != sysblk.instcount
&& NPDup && NPcpugraph)
which leaves only the sysblk.instcount conditional, which
includes NPDup and NPcpugraph (causing the condition to
always be false since NPcpugraph will always be false when
the primary panel display is active; it's only true when
you press escape to display the screen that shows all of
your devices and the cpu percent graph).
It's actually "NPDup" (not "NPcpugraph") that is only true ('1') when the "New Panel Display" is "up" (being displayed, thus: 'NPDup'), but the point remains: due to the NPDup variable being included as an "and" condition attached to the change in the instruction count condition, the conditional clause is always false, thus causing the instruction count value at the bottom of the screen to only get updated whenever the PSW changes for CPU #0 (or whichever CPU you have it set to via the Hercules 'cpu' panel command).

And for the record, I *did* notice the described behavior in my own re-testing. (My original attempt to reproduce the problem was flawed. I tried again and was able to reproduce it.)

A fix has already been committed and will appear in the next snapshot.

Thank you to everyone that responded.

"Fish" (David B. Trout)
Software Development Laboratories
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