** ANNOUNCEMENT ** New versions of all SDL Hercules products released
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'\'Fish\' (David B. Trout)' david.b.trout@gmail.com [hercules-390]
2018-05-01 13:47:41 UTC
Software Development Laboratories is proud to announce the availability of a new versions of all of its current Hercules product offerings: HercGUI, HercPrt, CTCI-WIN and AWSBrowse.

All customers who purchased any product less than one year ago are eligible for a FREE UPGRADE to the new version. Customers whose last purchase was over a year ago must purchase the product again. Both should have already received their free upgrade offer and/or new release notification emails by now.

For new customers, free unlimited trial versions of each product may be downloaded by clicking the "Download" link from each respective product's web page, reachable from the main Software Development Laboratories web page at:


Separate identical trial version download links are also provided on the "Downloads" web page at:



* HercGUI:

Resolved installer oversight affecting Window PATH variable
Fix message flood handling to prevent unresponsive user-interface
Add support for QETH (OSA) device type
Drop support for CTCT device type, replace with CTCE type instead
Drop support for old/deprecated "CTCI-W32" device type
ALRF, ARCHMODE and ASN_AND_LX_REUSE statements no longer recognized
Support for new FACILITY statement (replaces ARCHLVL ENABLE/DISABLE)
Support for new NETDEV statement
DASD dialog FBA minidisk support reported by Peter Pfeilschifter
Add support for new options to DASDLS utility
Fix rare utility progress message crash
New "Communications Devices" device list category
Add missing 'Help' button to some device/utility dialogs
New "Load Cards" card reader right-click context menu command
DASDINIT utility compression options saved/restored
Allow copying text from Configuration File Errors dialog
Use xxxx.n number of devices format not xxxx-xxxx range format
Support TRAP/NOTRAP option for ECPSVM statement
Use DISABLE NODIAG8 as new default for SHCMDOPT statement
Support NOCH9OFLOW option for TRACEOPT statement
Support NOSFD option for CCKD statement
Drop support for HTTPPORT and HTTPROOT statements
Ensure trailing backslash on all Preferred Directories
Add additional supported code pages to CODEPAGE option
'Help' file: product help complete; only Hercules utilities remain

* HercPrt:

Resolved installer oversight affecting Window PATH variable
New .INI Job Separator Control File names: DOSVSR34->DOSVS, zVM53->zVM, etc.
Add numeric YYYY, MM and DD jobsep date fields and use in OutputFile name.
New OutputFile "Drop" option to drop beginning/ending separator pages.
Redesign connect retry logic to reduce socket consumption


Resolved installer oversight affecting Window PATH variable
Provide ability to define default CTCI-WIN host adapter via registry
Indirect Windows 10 "fix": define default CTCI-WIN host adapter
Add information to Help file regarding Windows 10 problem and "fix"
Try hard to identify the problematic adapter in all error messages

* AWSBrowse:

Resolved installer oversight affecting Window PATH variable
The main product Help file is now complete.
All dialogs are now resizable and all now have [?] Help.
The appearance of the product and tape file icons has been improved.
The minimum officially supported version of Windows is now Windows 7. Support for Windows Vista and earlier versions of Windows has been dropped.
The installer for the 64-bit version of AWSBrowse now installs only the 64-bit version of the product. The 32-bit version is no longer also installed on 64-bit Windows.

SoftDevLabs would like to thank all current and former customers for your continued patronage. Each purchase helps to support further Hercules development so if you're currently still using a trial version upgrading to a paid version, while not required, would be appreciated.

Software development Laboratories is also keenly sensitive to those unlucky few who happen to be suffering from financial hardship (unemployment, cost of healthcare due to health issues, etc) and is willing to offer any of its products to such individuals at whatever price their conscience allows. Contact Software Development Laboratories directly for more information.

Thank you and enjoy your personal mainframe! :)
"Fish" (David B. Trout)
Software Development Laboratories
mail: ***@softdevlabs.com